Be a history hero

Invest in this architectural gem with a gift to restore and preserve it.

Irreplaceable Kilmer Mansion

When you walk through the gorgeous, welcoming entrance of Kilmer Mansion, you can sense the balance of past and present. Feel the peace that comes with being surrounded by the sense of days gone by. And experience the joy of taking in the unmatched beauty of old world craftsmanship.

Fancy plaster work. Decoratively painted ceilings. Gleaming marble fireplaces.

Kilmer Mansion is an architectural masterpiece. A landmark. An irreplaceable piece of our history.

And it is also more than that. This Mansion is as alive today as it was 100 years ago. It is a special place for weddings. Birthday and anniversary parties. Music concerts. Art exhibits. And much more!

But here’s the problem…
and how you can help

Although the main building is safe and sound, the porches and terraces are literally crumbling.

The critical deterioration of these once stunning structures threatens the future of the entire Mansion. Along with all of the joy, laughter, and learning that happens inside its wonderful walls.

How do we save this celebrated piece of our community’s legacy?

This irreplaceable gem?

The answer is… irreplaceable you!

Invest today in building a bright future for this historic treasure. This joyful venue for music, art, and ideas.

Because without you, Kilmer Mansion could disappear!